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Legal Guidance on the Future of Your Family

Although most people don’t like to think about their death and find considering the subject to be generally unpleasant, planning for the future in this regard is highly beneficial to the security of yourself, your family, and your finances. By working with an attorney on estate planning matters, you can be sure that your affairs are in order and that your family will have the resources they need upon your passing.

At Wooden Bowers, we can also assist with navigating the estate and post-death affairs of a deceased loved one. Estate planning involves the drafting and finalizing of documents that pertain to a person's property, which is typically done with the help of an estate planning attorney. There are many different aspects to planning an estate, like wills, trusts, and health care wishes and proxies. A lawyer can explain the ramifications of each estate planning instrument and advise you how best to proceed.

If you are interested in discussing your circumstances with an experienced Charlotte estate planning lawyer, call (704) 327-5944 or contact us online for a free consultation.

What Does an Estate Planning Lawyer Do?

When most people think of estate planning, they generally think of creating a will that outlines who will receive what items, assets, and financial support systems upon the passing of the estate owner. However, our estate planning attorneys can help you with much more than drafting a will.

Estate planning largely focuses on how property will be handled after a person's death. However, planning an estate can also concern how property is handled during a person's lifetime. There are many different aspects of this area of the law, all which serve a purpose in establishing the security of yourself and your family.

Our estate planning lawyers in Charlotte can help you with:

  • Drafting and enforcing wills
  • Establishing trusts
  • Making decisions about asset division
  • Appointing beneficiaries and trustees
  • Identifying powers of attorney
  • Creating documents concerning medical decisions
  • Avoiding or handling probate issues
  • Understanding and handling tax questions
  • Enforcing a family member’s estate planning
  • Navigating disagreements between family members or unclear language in an existing estate plan

What Are The Benefits of Estate Planning?

With the help of an estate planning lawyer, you can make decisions about how your assets will be distributed upon your death, how your family will be cared for, and how potential problems will be resolved. In life, an estate plan can provide guidance on the handling of life-altering situations, such as what to do if you or a loved one are incapacitated or facing other medical issues. An attorney can not only help you understand and navigate these circumstances but can also help you acquire legally binding documents and decisions that keep the wishes of yourself and your family on record. Estate planning provides guidance and support, and it can help your family avoid conflicts and confusion during an emotionally trying time.

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Estate planning can be an overwhelming area of the law, and the decisions you make are immensely important to your future and your family’s wellbeing. For these reasons, it is crucial to speak with a lawyer who is highly familiar with these cases. You will likely have a lot of questions, and our Charlotte estate planning attorneys are here to provide answers. We offer free initial consultations to give you a no-obligation opportunity to speak with us about your case, voice your concerns, and learn more about our team.

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