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Are you an individual or business facing a civil lawsuit? Or perhaps you need to file a civil lawsuit in regard to a personal issue or a business matter. Either way, you need to consult with a civil trial lawyer who routinely handles these matters in your local area. Defending or pursuing a lawsuit is a complex matter that requires a professional who understands the process and who can take you through it step by step. At Wooden Bowers, our skilled legal team has been representing clients throughout the greater Charlotte area in civil claims and lawsuits for many years. Our practice is concentrated on civil matters which is how we can provide a depth of knowledge, experience, and legal skills to your case.

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Civil Litigation Claims in Charlotte, NC

As civil trial lawyers, we represent both plaintiffs and defendants in civil lawsuits. These are based on issues unrelated to criminal law but, instead, based on civil laws. They can be claims brought by individuals as well as businesses. They typically begin with the party that is initiating the lawsuit (the plaintiff) filing a complaint against the other party (the defendant) based on some civil wrongdoing. The plaintiff is generally seeking to recover financial compensation for damages suffered due to the wrongdoing. The plaintiff may also seek court orders that the defendant cease certain actions or complete certain actions based on the circumstances of the case.

Examples of civil litigation cases can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Breach of contract disputes occurring when a party cannot or refuses to fulfill a contractual obligation
  • Unfair and deceptive trade practices
  • Defamation
  • Other business disputes
  • Employment law claims, such as claims of wrongful terminations, workplace discrimination, harassment, or violation of hours/wages laws
  • Breach of fiduciary duty disputes
  • Personal injury claims, wherein one party claims to have been injured due to the negligence or wrongdoing of the other
  • Property disputes, such as over property lines or boundaries, easements, and more
  • Torts in which one party accuses the other of some type of physical or emotional harm, such as assault and battery cases, nursing home or caregiver abuse, and more
  • Complaints against city, county, or other local agencies

Our firm can manage all phases of your civil litigation matter. These phases begin by consulting with one of our Charlotte civil litigation attorneys to determine the validity of your case and whether you should move forward with the filing of a complaint. We will be forthright in advising you at this stage. Should your case be based on solid ground, we can initiate the complaint which will describe how you were wronged, how the defendant caused harm, and will request the court to remedy the situation through compensation or other actions. The steps that follow this include “discovery,” in which both parties exchange information about the case and negotiation of a potential settlement. If a settlement cannot be agreed upon, the case will go to trial where both sides will present evidence after which a judge or jury will make a verdict.

Dedicated Trial Attorneys on Your Side

No matter what your civil litigation issue may be, your first step is to understand your legal position in terms of whether your case has merit. Our attorneys can help you determine this initial step as well as take legal action to help you move through the entire legal process. We will always take an aggressive approach in helping you prevail at the negotiation table or in court but will give you realistic expectations as well. If you have a civil issue, we urge you to reach out to our firm to learn more about where you stand and how we can help you resolve the matter effectively.

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